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An easy and safe way to enroll at a Russian university

Submit your application and we will find the best universities for you, get the paperwork done, and obtain a study visa. We guarantee admission




Sign up and submit an application form online


Attach copies of the required documents


Choose the course and then send a request and wait for your acceptance


Get an invitation to study at a university


Get your visa and tell us your re-arrival in Russia We will be at the airport waiting for you


Life of foreign students in Russia will be easier
Life of foreign students in Russia will be easier



We offer you a service to learn Russian with Russian teachers via the intranet

We offer you a service to learn Russian with Russian teachers via the intranet


Translation of documents certified by a notary Ross

He received translations of documents into Russian certified by a notary licensed in Russia. Uptime – from 1 to 3 days. When applying for admission, you will need to translate the passport and certificate, educational certificates, medical


Online medical insurance policy: redeem it in advance and use it later

Medical insurance meets the requirements of universities. Order the medical insurance policy in advance and choose the date you wish for its entry into force. Think medical insurance policy is mandatory for foreigners to travel to Russia and study in.

Why Russia ?

The Best Universities

The Best Universities More than 500 universities for chosen. Russian diploma is recognized all over the world.

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Affordable Education

Affordable education Tuition fees are 5-7 times lower than in Europe. Government Scholarships are provided every year to more than 15 thousand foreign students as the prices of university housing are very cheap The price of university housing is between 15-30$ Dollar per month

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Innovative leadership

Innovative leadership Russia is one of the leading countries in Internet Computer Science, telecommunications, financial services, space engineering and othe r innovative industries. It has the best equipment in universities to help students and researchers

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